First Look: Hysan Place at Lee Gardens, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


The highly anticipated Hysan Place at Lee Gardens finally opened its doors today (August 10) at 1:30pm in Hong Kong. Located in the heart of Hong Kong Island and in the prime shopping district of Causeway Bay, Hysan Place generated a lot of buzz well before its opening. I decided to check out this new shopping center on opening day and find out what all the fuss was about.

First, some facts. Hysan Place is a 36-storey retail/office building covering a total gross floor area of approximately 710,000 square feet. The shopping center is comprised of 17 floors of retail space and more than 120 shops. As stated before, Hysan Place is located in Causeway Bay – one of the most expensive areas in the world to do retail business. American retail company, Forever 21, which opened its flagship store across the street earlier this year is reportedly paying USD $1.4 million/month in rent – more than they pay in New York’s Times Square. Hysan Place is easily accessible and directly connected to the Causeway Bay MTR (subway) station.

Normally, in a place like Hong Kong where shopping is a favorite pastime for everybody and new stores open on a daily basis, a new shopping center hardly generates much excitement, let alone anticipation. In the case of Hysan Place, several factors contributed to its pre-launch anticipation.

First, many recent new shopping malls in the city such as The ONE, K11, and iSquare were developed in Tsim Sha Tsui on the Kowloon side. So, it has been some time since a new shopping center has been built in Causeway Bay. Secondly, Hysan Place marks the first foray of many international, high profile lifestyle and fashion brands into Hong Kong. Examples of Hysan Place’s tenants include; American fashion label Nanette Lepore, Japan’s hip brands NINE, Deicy, Double Standard Clothing, and Taiwan’s bookstore chain and cultural and lifestyle giant Eslite – whose 3-storey space combines books, magazines and lifestyle shopping such as tea and coffee rooms; and a built-in MOMA boutique  – which will be open 24 hours/day, every Thursday to Saturday. Other tenants include GAP, Hollister, REDValentino, Aesop, and Paul Lafayet – to name but a few.

It is worth noting that the shopping center features a different theme on each retail floor. For example, the 4th floor is home to Japanese fashion where the aforementioned trendy brands such as NINE, and Deicy, are located. The 6th floor features “Garden of Eden” – a lady-themed shopping paradise where shoppers can choose from a wide array of items such as lingerie, fashion, accessories, cosmetics, and even desserts. The entire 7th floor is dedicated to shoes! The 8-10th floors belong to Eslite, while the 11th floor food court (aptly named Kitchen 11), offers 11 different food vendors such as Pepper Lunch, and Hokkaido Dairy Farm Milk Restaurant. Fine dining is also available on the 12-14th floors, where several renowned local and international restaurants (some even have Michelin stars) are available.

Here are some of the first photos that I took. Except for a few stores, which are still under construction, Hysan Place is ready and my first impression was positive. Hysan Place positions itself as a shopping mecca for a younger demographic and the brand selection, presentation and overall design does not disappoint. If you are visiting Hong Kong and want to see the latest and greatest, don’t miss out on this new shopping center.


Hysan Place at Lee Gardens

500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Causeway Bay MTR F2 Exit