Luxury Holiday Gift Guide 2012 for the Globetrotter

Luxury Holiday Gift Guide 2012 for the Globetrotter

It’s the season to be jolly and we at Macaron feel no differently, as we look forward to a season of socializing, feasting and of course, much gift-giving as we welcome the New Year. As enthusiastic travelers, we have also put together our luxury holiday gift guide 2012, to help you make gifting choices for your near and dear ones who have been ‘bitten by the travel bug.’

J.Crew Globe-Trotter ® Centenary 33” extra-deep suitcase with wheels 

Handcrafted in England, by the heritage, bespoke luggage company, Globe-Trotter, this sunny yellow suitcase is sure to stand out on any luggage carousel. Fashioned out of lightweight but sturdy vulcanized fiberboard, this case is guaranteed to withstand the rigors of modern-day travel and is roomy enough to transport those unique travel ‘finds.’

Leica X2 Paul Smith Edition

If you believe the saying that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, then you have to add the jaunty, Leica X2 Paul Smith Edition to your list. This limited edition camera is the outcome of the marriage of German precision and whimsical British design. The camera, whose production is limited to 1,500 pieces, sports the iconic Leica red dot along with the British designer’s signature colorful stripes. An additional design element of the camera is a stylized light bulb engraved on the top of the pop up flash.

The designer has also created a range of complementary accessories for the camera, like a camera protector, a camera strap and a lens cleaning cloth inscribed with ‘Paul Smith for Leica,’ all of which are perfect stocking stuffers for the recipient of this stylish gift.

Shanghai Tang for Moleskine Asia

A Moleskine notebook is an invaluable accessory for the enthusiastic traveler. Ideal for jotting down travel details, lists, or even musings, the stylish and compact Moleskine is often the perfect travel accompaniment. Hong Kong’s inimitable luxury lifestyle brand, Shanghai Tang has collaborated with Moleskine Asia to launch a special collection for the 2012 festive season. On offer in this range are a new 2013 Feng Shui Diary, and a limited-edition notebook collection. The colorful Moleskine Shanghai Tang notebooks sport the brand’s signature colors like magenta and lemon green, though others are adorned with a silk screen pattern of a snake on the cover, making it a fitting accessory for 2013, which according to the Chinese Zodiac is the Year of the Snake.

Aesop Jet Set Kit

With the numerous restrictions on what we’re permitted to carry onboard airlines, traveling has become more stressful for the frequent flier. The Aesop Jet Set kit helps travelers adhere to these travel guidelines easily, for it features the brand’s luxe toiletries bottled in security-friendly 50 ml bottles. This means they can be safely carried onboard without much fuss for that quick business trip. Each kit contains Aesop’s Classic Shampoo, Conditioner, Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser and Rind Concentrate Body Balm.

TWG Tea Christmas Gift Collection

The ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu proclaimed tea to be ‘the elixir of life’ and many travelers aver that a good ‘cuppa’ is all they need to jump start a busy day. Keeping this in mind, Singapore’s purveyors of fine tea, TWG Tea have launched an assortment of Christmas offerings for the 2012 festive season.

One such offering is the Noel! Noel! boxed tea set, which is composed of a tin of Noel! Noel! tea (a unique blend of black and white Yin Zhen tea which combines fragrant spices and has tones of clementine mingled with rich Tahitian vanilla), a design tea pot, capable of keeping tea warm for an entire hour, a silver tea scoop and 100% cotton tea filters. The Noel! Noel! Tea Sets are available in silver and gold combinations and easily portable.

Hermès Monsieur et Madame II Special edition silk twill scarf, hand rolled, 90x90cm

Most travelers agree that a silk scarf is an essential travel accessory. Scarves can be wrapped around your shoulders to keep you warm inside the tundra-like airline cabin and keep you cool as a beach cover up on land. Hermès, the French fashion house known for its iconic silk scarves, has recently introduced a special edition, hand-rolled, silk twill scarf, Monsieur et Madame II, in honor of Lillian Wightman, founder of the famed design boutique, Le Louvre in Melbourne.

Ms. Wightman founded the boutique in 1923 and went on to clothe many of the city’s debutantes and society women. Le Louvre continues to be an epicenter of fashion, art and design in Melbourne. Designed by Bali Barret, the deputy artistic director of women’s collections at Hermès, the scarf pays homage to Wightman’s sense of style and is inspired by her signature ocelot print.

Dom Pérignon by David Lynch in Box 2003

Celebrate the advent of a new year of adventure and exploration, by popping open a bottle of Dom Pérignon by David Lynch Brut 2003 Limited edition. This limited edition bubbly is the result of the successful collaboration between Hollywood movie and TV personality, David Lynch, (best known for Eraserhead and the popular mystery TV drama Twin Peaks), and the grand, old French Champagne house.

Jean-Paul Hévin Assorted Mendiants in Blue Tin

The New Year is sure to bring forth new resolutions about losing weight and such, in the meantime why not share some good cheer in the form of some delectable Jean-Paul Hévin creations as you say farewell to 2012? Amongst the many delicious offerings that the famed French chocolatier has available is a blue tin of seemingly healthy and truly delicious Mendiants or confections, which feature fruits and nuts enclosed in bittersweet dark chocolate. The Mendiants offered by Jean Paul Hévin are made with a whole host of exotic ingredients like Turkish figs and apricots, Spanish Almonds, Iranian and Sicilian pistachios, Chilean grapes and more.

Fashion Fairy Tale Memoirs

A good book is an essential accompaniment for any long journey. Camilla Morton’s oeuvre ‘Diane von Furstenberg and the Tale of the Empress’ New Clothes’ is one such tome that is bound to capture the attention of the stylish traveler, as it catalogues the celebrated fashion designer’s rather colorful life. This hard cover book is also interspersed with colorful illustrations and inspirational anecdotes, and thus provides many hours of engrossing entertainment.

Alexander Wang Prisma Tote

The Alexander Wang Prisma Tote in oxblood, printed giant lizard leather is an ideal onboard travel accessory. Large enough to carry essentials like an iPad, make-up kit, wallet, multiple phones, and sunglasses, this chic but roomy tote also features a hanging phone pocket and a zipped pochette on a leash for easy access while traveling.