Burberry Spring-Summer Children’s Collection

Travel with the child in you

Unsure how to kit out your kids this summer? Look no further than the Burberry Spring-Summer Children’s Collection, making ocean-style waves since its launch in February. Based upon this year’s trending kids’ color of blue, Burberry has put together some eye-catching outfits in shades of turquoise, imperial, military and pale China. Experimental and daring prints and patterns allow for intriguing combinations with greens, jade, celandine yellow, military red, crimson, pink and purples. Designs have been inspired by the Men’s and Women’s Prorsum line, with a series of stylish yet traditionally-themed coats also standing out. Highly practical reversible jackets, parkas and pea coats combine with cashmere knits and check shirts to provide that quintessential Burberry look which is guaranteed to turn a sun-hat-clad head or two.