Gallery: Georg Jensen “The Magnificent Silver 2013″

“The Magnificent Silver 2013″ showcases a curated selection of over 100 rare-pieces of the 20th century works by Georg Jensen, totaling over HK$20 million.

Encompassing styles from Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Functionalism and modernism, the exhibition features several distinguished collections of Georg Jensen, including: The Magnolia Collection (1905), The Pyramid Collection (1927), and The Koppel Collection (1940-60).

Also on display, is the much anticipated Chandelier (No. 307), which is considered as one of Georg Jensen’s rarest pieces found in the market. The Chandelier had been featured in the original interior design of the Georg Jensen store at Bredgade 21 in Copenhagen, 1918. It is valued at over HK$10 million.

Georg Jensen “The Magnificent Silver 2013″ will be open to the public from October 13 – November 13, 2013 at Georg Jensen Hong Kong (Shop 120, Prince’s Building, Central. Tel: +852 3552 7389)

Here are some of the images from the preview session held at Duddell’s Hong Kong between October 10-11. Georg-Jensen-The-Magnificent-Silver-2013-Hong-Kong-19 Georg-Jensen-The-Magnificent-Silver-2013-Hong-Kong-18 Georg-Jensen-The-Magnificent-Silver-2013-Hong-Kong-17 Georg-Jensen-The-Magnificent-Silver-2013-Hong-Kong-16Georg-Jensen-The-Magnificent-Silver-2013-Hong-Kong-15 Georg-Jensen-The-Magnificent-Silver-2013-Hong-Kong-13 Georg-Jensen-The-Magnificent-Silver-2013-Hong-Kong-12 Georg-Jensen-The-Magnificent-Silver-2013-Hong-Kong-10 Georg-Jensen-The-Magnificent-Silver-2013-Hong-Kong-9 Georg-Jensen-The-Magnificent-Silver-2013-Hong-Kong-8 Georg-Jensen-The-Magnificent-Silver-2013-Hong-Kong-6Georg-Jensen-The-Magnificent-Silver-2013-Hong-Kong-4 Georg-Jensen-The-Magnificent-Silver-2013-Hong-Kong-3 Georg-Jensen-The-Magnificent-Silver-2013-Hong-Kong-2 Georg-Jensen-The-Magnificent-Silver-2013-Hong-Kong-1