Hong Kong’s Best Spas – The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hong KongWords | Sylvia Le Dung    Photography |  Sylvia Le Dung, Four Seasons Hotel 

It’s no secret that the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong boasts some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. So, it is no surprise then that the city is also host to some of the world’s finest spas, which provide the perfect retreat for Hong Kong’s well-heeled dwellers and visitors alike.

In this series, our team picks the finest spas the city has to offer. Luxurious ambience, lavish treatment, and unrivaled service are some of the hallmarks of these top-notch boutiques. While several of my colleagues have visited these spas on many occasions, I personally visited each one of them for this series and tried their latest signature treatments for the most up-to-date, in-depth look.

Here are our picks (in alphabetical order):

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong – Chinese Wellness Ritual; which is part of their Signature Treatment series showcasing renowned LING products from New York.

Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong Spa – “50th Anniversary Golden Utopia Anti-Ageing Facial” treatment featuring state-of-the-art Gaylia Kristensen’s products.

The Peninsula Spa – Half-Day Spa Journey, which consists of two hours of treatment time with lunch by the pool and usage of the Spa facilities.

The Ritz-Carlton Spa by ESPA – Signature 90 Minute Lava Shell Body Treatment featuring ESPA products.

Without further ado, here are my reports.

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hong KongI felt immediately pampered, as soon as I set foot inside the spa’s changing room. The fabulous heated marble floor passed on just the right amount of warmth to my naked feet, enough to induce my mind into a wonderful feeling of coziness, and – dare I say – even a sense of laziness. You know, the kind of Sunday morning feeling that everyone seems to treasure and love so much.

I was reminded that sometimes, luxury is simply a feeling and is all about attention to the finest details – like a heated marble floor for example. The Spa in question, of course, is The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong.

Nestled in the financial district’s premium International Finance Centre, The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong is within easy access for the city’s well-heeled crowd as well as luxury travelers looking for a sumptuous retreat experience. To that end, the spa’s 2.5-hour Signature Treatment, the “Chinese Wellness Ritual” – which I would soon experience – offers a holistic spa journey as it encompasses traditional Asian techniques and natural elements; as well as cutting edge, skin-care products from the West.

Hong Kong’s Best Spas – Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong SpaHong Kong’s Best Spas – Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong SpaThe Spa reception and common areas, located on the 6th floor, are tastefully designed with ample natural lighting shining through the huge floor to ceiling windows. Guests enjoy a wide-open glimpse of the Victoria Habour, while basking under the warm and cascading sunlight. A private elevator takes the guests one level up to the Spa treatment floor, which is populated with 17 spacious and well-designed treatment rooms; including 4 singles, 9 doubles and 2 VIP suites, 1 nail room and 1 waxing room. These well-equipped rooms are magnificent and all provide a gorgeous view of your choice: city, pool or garden.

Each treatment room is named after a precious stone like Jade, Crystal, Emerald etc., and individually designed to serve different purposes. My oversized “Topaz” room, for example, was luxurious and came with its own Hammam room, which was equipped with a marble table and rain shower for wet treatment. A private, intimate walkout garden provided a nice outdoor retreat. In fact, the Topaz room, with its calm garden view and earthy decor, creates the impression that you are in a luxury rural retreat – a noble and precious feeling for a city dweller like myself.

The “Chinese Wellness Ritual” exceeded my expectations and truly delivered a unique and innovative “East meets West” beauty journey.

While sipping a cup of warm Chinese tea, my therapist, Angela, filled me in on the details of the “Chinese Wellness Ritual” treatment, which was conceived by Angela and Shoshana Weinberg, the Spa Director. Particularly interesting is the fact that the inspiration came from Angela’s ancestors who, for generations, believed that rice has natural medicinal properties and healing power to the human body. Thus, the “Chinese Wellness Ritual” combines rice and the latest, state-of-the-art LING Skincare products from New York. This “East meets West” treatment aims to provide the ultimate beauty experience.

Speaking of LING Skincare, it’s one of three skincare lines offered by The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong. The other two are Biologique Recherche (Paris) and The Organic Pharmacy (London) – a well-rounded collection, which caters to all needs.

My spa journey started off with a heavenly full-body scrub and exfoliation inside the misty and steamy Hammam room. As I relaxed myself on the marble table, my body was gently treated with a mixture of ginseng, jasmine green tea, fennel butter and ground rice – simultaneously exfoliating, nourishing and rehydrating my skin. Warm rice milk was then slowly poured over my body, followed by a full body rubbing using a heated ground rice and herb pouch. The gentle rubbing on Meridian channels and the body’s muscle system were very soothing and healing. It’s also worth mentioning that the hot steam coming from the room was bliss and added to my enjoyment. My “steamy” session ended with an automatic rain shower drizzle from the ceiling.

Feeling fully relaxed and refreshed – not to mention that my skin felt velvety smooth – I enjoyed a cup of warm tea before lying on the warmed massage bed preparing for the second part of my treatment. Using LING Skincare Essential Oil, Angela employed a combination of Asian and Western techniques including Tui na and Acupressure, which focused on rubbing, gliding and stretching my muscles. To tackle my stiff shoulders, Angela applied medium pressure and various crafty techniques, which miraculously removed all of those stubborn knots. Finally, a full head massage brought my 2.5-hour treatment to a satisfying conclusion.

Hong Kong’s Best Spas – Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong SpaNext up, I submerged myself in the Vitality Pool. It reminded me of the onsen experience in Japan, as I was completely naked under the heated water. Afterward, I also tried and enjoyed, the Eucalyptus-scented Finnish sauna with intense heat and cool mist showers and ice fountain. I then wrapped up my incredible spa journey with drinks and fresh fruits at the Relaxation Lounge.

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong provides a fabulous retreat experience. Facilities are splendid and the staff are exceptionally knowledgeable, caring and highly attentive. The “Chinese Wellness Ritual” exceeded my expectations and truly delivered a unique and innovative “East meets West” beauty journey, and should be included on any spa lover’s bucket list.

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong
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