How to Use Facial Acupressure to Rejuvenate Your Skin and Smooth Wrinkles

Facial AcupressureAcupressure is a technique used in ancient Chinese medicine that focuses on specific points used in acupuncture to balance energy and treat a number of physical ailments. The main difference between the two practices is that, while they both benefit your health, acupressure uses finger pressure and doesn’t require the use of needles.

In many instances, acupressure can be just as beneficial as traditional acupuncture to balance energy pathways in the body and stimulate detoxification. Not only will this benefit muscles, nerves, and aching joints, but it can stimulate circulation and rejuvenate aging skin.

Facial Acupressure Benefits

Make no mistake that facial acupressure is dramatically different from a typical facial massage.

While a facial massage can be used to tighten and tone sagging skin, facial acupressure uses deep tissue massage and manipulation of the face and neck; this therapy will stimulate muscle fibers and nerves to boost collagen production underneath the surface of the skin. Since collagen is a substance that keeps skin firm and supple, using facial acupressure regularly can visibly lift and revitalize tired and wrinkled skin.

3 Facial Acupressure Techniques You Can Use at Home

Before you reach for your wrinkle cream at night, try these effective, stimulating facial acupressure techniques to rejuvenate your skin while you sleep:

1. Middle Finger to Forehead: To begin, apply firm pressure with your middle finger in the center of your forehead for 3 to 5 seconds. Release and repeat three times. For the maximum benefits from the technique, repeat by moving the middle finger down the forehead until you reach the point directly between your eyebrows.

Benefits: Relieves stress and tension headaches, smoothes deep expression lines on the forehead, and relaxes frowning to prevent further wrinkles.

2. Index Finger to Upper Lip: Using the index finger, apply pressure for 3 seconds to the middle of the upper lip directly underneath the nose. Release and repeat three times while inhaling and exhaling deeply.

Benefits: Tones the thin, delicate skin around the lips to reduce fine lines and creases; may also be effective to suppress the appetite and reduce cravings caused by anxiety.

3. Index Fingers to Inner Eyes: Press both index fingers against the bridge of the nose, underneath the inner corner of each eye. Hold for 5 seconds, release, and repeat three times in a row. For very sore, aching eyes, knead the index fingers gently to relieve accumulated tension.

Benefits: Can be used to relax the eyes, to reduce squinting and prevent crow’s feet from forming; can also stimulate circulation to provide essential nutrients to the fragile skin underneath the eyes and to prevent dark circles from forming.

Not only is facial acupressure relaxing to relieve tension after a long, hard day of work, it will also help to sooth and regenerate dull, damaged skin. By practicing the techniques above each evening before you go to bed, you will wake up feeling and looking like your best self!