A Jamaican Ziplining Adventure

A Jamaican Ziplining Adventure

Photo courtesy of Zipline Adventure Tours

Arguably, more than any other Caribbean island, Jamaica is known for its laidback attitude and calm way of life. From white sand beaches and sparkling blue water to hammocks suspended between two palm trees – prefect for napping away the warm afternoon – Jamaica has it all.

The fifth largest Caribbean island, Jamaica was under Spanish rule until 1655 when it came under English rule and was renamed from Santiago to Jamaica. The 2.7 million people that call Jamaica home are spread throughout the island from Negril on the west coast to Folly Bay on the easy coast.

On my visit to Jamaica, I stayed in the heavily touristy Montego Bay and spent my time dining at local restaurants and enjoying traditional delicacies such as Plantains and Jerk Chicken, swimming in the Caribbean Sea, enjoying the beautiful weather and taking part in several “sports” on the island. While I don’t consider myself a very physically active person (especially not while on holiday), it’s hard to say no to the locals when they promise you an adventure of a lifetime, and that’s just what my zip lining experience was.

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We were picked up at our hotel and taken up through the hills on windy roads to our destination. The scenery on the way up is breathtaking, which helped me keep my mind off feeling carsick. We were immediately hooked up to our equipment and sent on our first zipline. The first line is set up just to get you started because my initial thought was, “This isn’t going to be as terrifying as I thought it would be.”

I was wrong.

The course gets progressively more “exhilarating” as you go and it was a great experience. Plus, you get a photo as a keepsake, which was useful for me to share with my friends who wouldn’t have believed I’d gone ziplining without the proof! The scenery while ziplining is really beautiful, so it’s a very worthwhile adventure to get you out of the sun for a few hours. Several companies all over Jamaica offer ziplining adventures.