Lofoten Opera Hotel, a uniquely beautiful hotel opens in Norway in December

Lofoten Opera Hotel, a uniquely beautiful hotel opens in Norway in DecemberOn a stretch of a fascinating site in Lofoten, on a Norwegian island of the Norway Archipelago, in a half-embrace by a glorious mountain range will rise the new, uniquely exciting Lofoten Opera Hotel by year-end, 2015. Like a beautiful silk scarf, this complex will, almost like a breeze, meander out to the magnificent ocean to the south and western part of the island, playfully reaching out to the tall and imposing majestic mountains to the north and northwest.

The site itself is stunning, seemingly blessed most times of the year by the sun with its grandiose bright rays spreading out upon the mighty landscape, natural rock formations and little, quaint old settlements and shy, half-hidden harbors.

The Architecture firm Snohetta, which conceived and under whose aegis, the whole project is being developed, said in a statement: “The spectacular view and the feeling of being ‘in the middle’ of the elements are the premier qualities of the site.” Indeed, as this complex of a mix of hotels, classy residential apartments, exotic spas, oases and ocean basins, adventure-filled hiking and trekking trails, all begin to take shape one won’t be able to help but feel he’s in the center of an architectural statement that blends yesterday with today. It is designed for guests and visitors to feel touches of culture, raw nature and a landscape that leaves its true colors and shapes almost untouched.

Lofoten Opera Hotel, a uniquely beautiful hotel opens in Norway in DecemberThe Lofoten Opera Hotel, unlike most hotels in large, bursting-at-the-seams, noisy cities, will not be a stupendous, enormous high rise structure. Rather it will be an enchanting low architectural wonder that is built around a beautiful central courtyard with each guest room having a spectacular view of the blue sea with the soothing sound of its lapping waves. Mornings, no doubt will offer irresistible invitation to jump into its refreshingly clear waters.

Built on a land area of eleven thousand square meters and designed beautifully to be part and parcel of existing structures and the various outdoor land shapes of the island, this new Lofoten Opera Hotel will stand on the western side of Lofoten in Moskenes, a community in the outskirts of a town known as Glapen. Lofoten is one of Norway’s tourist gateways to an almost two hundred kilometer stretch of roads infrastructured to meet domestic and foreign guests’ needs as they go sightseeing and exploring Lofoten’s gorgeous sites.