Ming Dynasty-inspired NUO Hotel Beijing Opens Its Doors


NUO Hotel BeijingNUO Hotel Beijing, the new, 438-room flagship by Chinese homegrown five-star hotel brand NUO Hotels, has begun to welcome guests on 5 June 2015.

Situated in Beijing’s 798 Art District, NUO Hotel Beijing stands as a symbolic monument of the golden age of the Ming Dynasty. Its grand opening served as a festive celebration of the old and new China which is clearly seen from its overall structural design and style.

“The spectacular growth of the Chinese tourism industry in recent years has underlined the need for China to have it own distinctive ‘made-in-china luxury hotel brand,’ said Duan Qiang, chairman of Beijing Tourism Group (BTG), one of the biggest tourism companies and owner of  the NUO hotels, “(BTG) is proud to launch a five-star hotel group which celebrates Chinese heritage and culture”.

Home-Style Luxury

The interiors of NUO Hotel Beijing guestrooms, including 55 elegantly furbished suites, are all designed to have a floor-to-ceiling, almost panoramic view of the bustling city of Beijing.

Classy furnishings, earth-colored warm wood and leather, several gemstone-hued accessories, beautifully patterned wall panels and rich, textured marble flooring all combine to lend a fascinating aura of what might have been the living style of the Ming Dynasty. Each room’s wall part features one of the original prints of Zeng Fanzhis’ wall murals or paintings.

NUO Hotel BeijingNUO Hotel BeijingThe Modern Amenities

While ancient Chinese art is all around for guests, especially foreign travelers to appreciate and immerse in modern Ming luxury, their convenience, security and comfort didn’t take to the sidelines.

Each room is provided with complimentary broadband and wireless internet access. Flat screen, high-definition TV, in-room bars, walk-in wardrobes, air-cleaning systems, top-quality soundproofing , laundry and valet service are all part of the standard guest service which has become a hall mark of all NUO hotels.

NUO Hotel Beijing’s Cuisine

The hotel’s partner in food sourcing are local farmers and producers whose produce is exquisitely prepared and deliciously served by a team of culinary magic-makers (chefs) from 10 different countries. One can discover and be awed by their incredible taste and flavor in the six restaurants of the hotel.