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Mia Resort, Nha Trang Eco-Friendly Mia Resort Delivers Beautiful Views, Top Holidays

We came to Mia Resort with the best of intentions- white linen shirts and floaty maxi dresses for dinner, running shoes ready to hit the treadmill in the sleek gym overlooking the ocean and a plan to explore downtown Nha Trang. In the end, we never changed out of our swimsuits.

Set about 20 minutes from the Cam Ranh International Airport and another 25 from the city, Mia Resort is a vivid blue and green gem spread across the slope of a Nha Trang mountain range. 27 contemporary villas, five family rooms and 15 condos are contemporarily decorated with light woods and granites, smooth tile floors and sliding glass doors that fold back accordion-style to seamlessly blend the indoors with the outdoors. Bedrooms have four-poster beds with mosquito netting and ocean views. Bathrooms feature deep soaking tubs that look out onto the private courtyard with rain shower. There are two restaurants, one located cliff-side and the other steps from the ocean and large infinity pool, serving a mix of Vietnamese and international cuisines. Xanh Spa, boasting six treatment rooms, rounds out the offerings.

Mia Resort, Nha TrangMia Resort, Nha TrangMia Resort, Nha TrangMia Resort, Nha TrangTo escape the heat and chaos of Ho Chi Minh, our group of five booked a cliff-side Mia Suite for a relaxing three-day getaway. Our two king-size rooms and spacious living and dining room all had doors to the back patio and private infinity pool with sweeping views of the resort, beach and ocean. The view alone would have made the trip but Mia was constantly surprising us with little extras to further elevate the experience. The gourmet breakfasts delivered to our room every morning were delicious and came with a plate of fresh fruit and pastries. Xanh Spa’s complimentary mini facial and head massage was heavenly and the on-the-house coffees and teas we sipped afterward at Mojito’s Bar & Grill were the perfect pick-me-up. Lest you think these are perks offered just to travel writers and his or her lucky friends, they’re standard issue for every guest.

The property is environmentally conscious and the first clue of this is the energy-saving manicured grass roofs atop all buildings and villas. The spa and restaurant rely heavily, and in some cases solely, on natural products. As guests, we were also asked to do our part by doing small things like turning off the air conditioning when not in our suite (the staff generously offered to turn in back on shortly before our return.)  It was solid proof to our group that eco-friendly and luxury travel can in fact go hand in hand.

Photography: Sarah Dallof, Mia Resort

Mia Resort Nha Trang

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Mia Resort, Nha TrangMia Resort, Nha Trang