Tankoa Superyacht Suerte Set to Debut At Monaco Yacht Show

Tankoa Superyacht Suerte Set to Debut At Monaco Yacht Show The word “Suerte” is a good Spanish word that colloquially, means “Good Luck.” Sticklers for correct grammar would attach the word “Buen” (for “good”), but “Suerte” on its own, stands for good fortune…as it is and will be for the new owners of the Tankoa Yachts S693 luxury superyacht named “Suerte” With much anticipation its delivery is expected any day now.(if it hasn’t yet).

The Luxury Superyacht named “Suerte”

Launched recently at a grand event in Genoa, Italy by Tankoa Yachts was this stunning, beautiful 69.3 metre yacht “Suerte” looking pretty much like a regal queen of the sea. After a series of sea trials, stability and other technical assessments, she will be making her grandiose debut in public at the Monaco Yacht Show slated this month.

Suerte’s Main Saloon

As you enter the main saloon of luxury yacht Suerte, you can’t help but be awed by a sense of warmth and good feeling brought on by a blend of welcoming features including a soothingly impressive 900 litre aquarium and an imposing theatre-like 80 inch TV. Getting in, you will have to go through an elegantly-built wide staircase entrance leading from the beach club to the gorgeous saloon. Suerte’s beachclub itself boasts of a Turkish bath and sauna, that includes a customized chilled showering system with 3 degrees centigrade water. The sauna has been constructed with see-through glass panels that look out into the open sea. Certainly an excitingly unique way to take a sauna.

Tankoa Superyacht Suerte Set to Debut At Monaco Yacht ShowSuerte’s Pool

Another sure-fire attraction with an inviting look in it, is Suerte’s pool, laid out on the yacht’s sun deck. From an overhang structure, flows a tailor-made waterfall flowing into the Bisazza mosaic tiled pool. Its bottom part is erected with thick, giant glass slats through which you’ll see what’s happening below at the upper saloon. When various lights are on in the saloon and the pool’s full of water, a fascinating play of multi-colored lights happens. Going further up into the upper deck, is where you’ll find a good-sized gym with most of the popular sports equipment and machines one might need to keep fit and do their workouts while enjoying a cruise.

Suerte Is Big!

Luxury yacht Suerte’s gross tonnage is 1,250 GT. That’s huge, as to allow for great, comfortable accommodations. Its builders though, while having done a bit of customization to suit her owners’ needs, had placed priority on its design to reduce vibration and noise. They had equipped Suerte with the most modern sound and vibration insulating system to tone down her noise as she sails. And sail, she will … with envy and admiration from yacht and boat lovers.Tankoa Superyacht Suerte Set to Debut At Monaco Yacht ShowTankoa Superyacht Suerte Set to Debut At Monaco Yacht Show