The Wait is Over; CAVALIA Opens in Hong Kong


Unless youve been living in a cave in Hong Kongyou might have noticed that CAVALIA is all the rage now in the city’s entertainment scene.

The internationally acclaimed theatrical production from Canada has been generating a lot of buzz in the city. Ticket of the show is the hottest thing right now, with 45,000 being sold already. Now extended to May 10 to accommodate overwhelming demand, a new batch of tickets for 14 new shows starting from April 27 is immediately available for sale at the box office.

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Even though CAVALIA doesn’t open until tomorrow (March 31), today The Hong Kong Jockey Club, who is the presenter of the show, invited 1,000 students, members from local charity organisations and press to attend a sneak 45-minute preview performance. Fully living up to expectations, CAVALIA impressed with dazzling array of lavish production and impeccable performance. The gigantic 50-meter-wide stage was a joy and a perfect place to showcase the horses and performers, allowing them to express themselves in all their grace and beauty.

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